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פרשת בא
Prepared by Rabbi Stephen Texon
Dear Friends,

This weeks portion of "Bo" recounts the essence of the Passover story. The lessons from this story are timeless and enduring, that no dictator or tyrant can ever rule over and oppress a people without severe punishment. The 9th plague of darkness almost broke Pharaoh's hardened heart because even 3 days of complete darkness became intolerable, but our sages interpret it as a spiritual darkness as well for the Egyptians, and that they were thrown into total chaos. Yet, as the light was restored after Pharaoh pleaded with Moses, he reneged again and refused to release the Israelites.

Only the final plague of losing his own first born son, broke his arrogance and brought him to his knees. A lesson that there comes a moment when a final blow must be delivered to crush a tyrant, and it took complete Divine intervention to deliver that final blow.

This Divine intervention is the essence of the Exodus/Passover story, which we read twice a year, now and all during Passover.

The establishment of the month of Nissan is also defined in this week's portion as the FIRST of the months of the year due to the overwhelming importance of the Exodus occurring during that month. Nissan in a sense almost rivals the month of Tishrei, the month of Rosh Hashana in importance and holiness. On Rosh Hashana we were created, on Passover we were redeemed to became a Nation!!

Shabbat Shalom.
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