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פרשת ויצא
Prepared by Rabbi Stephen Texon

Dear Friends,

My favorite dream in the Torah is Jacob's dream in this week's portion of Vayetze, known as "Jacob's Ladder". Everyone is yearning for a ladder or a stairway to Heaven. We all want our prayers heard by the Almighty, and we all need a connection to him through some tangible media. Well, that magical ladder that links Heaven and Earth is THE conduit! G-d doesn't have or need an iPhone which is useless to Him, (even though he gave us the genius to invent it) although I know of a Rabbi who received a phone call from the Almighty on the Bima during Yom Kippur! True story, and the clever idea was obviously met with mixed reactions from the Congregation. G-d needs our devotion through Prayer, Tzedakah and the performance of good deeds which reach far into the Heavens if we are sincere, truthful and pursue justice.

As the Prophet says, what does G-d require of thee? That you "act justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your G-d". 

Notice that the Angels described in the dream are ascending and descending the ladder, but ascending FIRST. We must take the first step literally UP that ladder if we expect G-d to respond and shower down blessings, success and happiness upon us. Let us all REACH for the Heavens... REACH for the Stars, REACH even for the UNREACHABLE star!! 

Shabbat Shalom!
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