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פרשות ויקהל-פקודי
Parshat Hachodesh / Shabbat Birkat Hachodesh
Prepared by Rabbi Stephen Texon

Dear Friends,
This week's portion of Vayakhel continues a repetitive description of the detailed furnishings of the Mishkan, and next week's portion contains a repetition of the magnificent garments of the Kohanim.

The added feature in this week's Vayakhel  is the strong reminder of the laws and observance of Shabbat. Why right in the middle of all these material details?

The reason in simple but very deep at the same time. Earthly material things are beautiful and add pleasure to our lives, and are pleasing to G-d Himself who has ordered them. But... far more important is the sanctity and the observance of Shabbat as sacred TIME! Time especially the Holy Time of Shabbat can   never be regained or recaptured. We can always rebuild or replace objects, but the sacredness of time on any given Shabbat can never be replaced. TIME is the most precious possession that we all have, it is our very life, and Shabbat is the ultimate reminder of that week after week until our precious time is ultimately up.

May G-d grant us long and fulfilling lives dedicated to His service and to the service of mankind!!

Shabbat Shalom!
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