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פרשת בשלח
Prepared by Rabbi Stephen Texon

Dear Friends,

This Shabbat is "Shabbat Shira" filled with the "Song of the Sea" as the Israelites rejoice in the greatest moment of their salvation after Almighty G-d parted the sea leading the Jewish nation through the midst of waters on dry land. Through this narrow corridor of escape, they were spared a massacre by the Egyptian Army. The ruthless dictator Pharaoh was defeated and humiliated in his pursuit of murder, yes murder because at this point he was so enraged that he had "sent" the Israelites away that he didn't care any more to even bring them back as slaves to benefit Egypt (it may have surely crossed his mind). It was the rage of his broken arrogance coupled with the death of his first born son that infuriated him, pushing him over edge. 

There is that great final scene in the epic movie of the narrative, where Pharaoh ultimately declares to his grieving wife, the Queen of Egypt, "His (Moses') G-d IS G-d!!

The Parasha ends with the miraculous defeat of another arch  enemy of Israel, Amalek, who attacked the Israelites from the rear after their salvation at the Red Sea (Sea of Reeds). When Moses lifted his arms (supported by Joshua and Hur) the Israelites were victorious, and when he lowered his arms the enemy was victorious. 

The G-d of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps, He is vigilant with His leaders on Earth holding their heads and arms high in strength and confidence to confront any foe. 

The name of G-d and the name of His throne will not be "complete" until the name of Amalek is utterly and completely blotted out... yet  remembered!!

Shabbat Shalom!
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