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פרשת לך לך
Prepared by Rabbi Stephen Texon

Dear Friends,

In only one Parasha, this week's Lech Lecha, we span 99 years of the first noble and revered Patriarch, the Father of the Jewish Nation, Avraham.

Each act of courage and determination is recounted from leaving his  idolatrous home, to protecting his beloved wife, to defending his nephew with his own army of men, to becoming a father in "old age", to accepting the great and everlasting covenant with Almighty G-d through circumcision.... THIS is a MAN!!

This man argued with G-d and prevailed, as did Jacob who physically wrestled with the Angel, and like Moses who completely challenged G-d!

We are living through the most challenging times right now for the State of Israel and world Jewry. Let us gather our collective strength from our founding father Avraham directly in this week's narrative, and may it carry us through the rest of the year to see true peace and security for Israel, for us and for humankind!


Shabbat Shalom!
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